Fifty Shades Darker – Chapter Two Review

Fifty Shades Darker – Chapter Two Review

His response makes me smile – still so bossy, still so Christian. Will that change, too? And I realize in that moment that I hope not. I like him like this – commanding – as long as I can stand up to him without fear of punishment.

We see the full reconnection of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in chapter two of Fifty Shades Darker. While their conversations weren’t as open and honest as they have been in the past (especially when Ana has had a bit to drink), they did start down the path to reconnecting on a new level. Christian puts forward the idea that they restart their relationship on a vanilla footing, and slowing work in the BDSM fetish aspect that he enjoys. This, though, relies on Ana’s honesty and appropriate use of safe words, which we know hasn’t always come to fruition in the past.

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IMG_5844Chapter two was a quick chapter, probably more of a literary device to tie up the loose ends of the break up and move the characters back into the full time relationship. We also see more evidence of Christian’s abusive youth, with him giving small details to Ana about how he was abused by his drug addict mother’s pimps, and how he was left along with her dead body for four days before they were discovered. We’re not advancing the plot of Fifty Shades Darker so much as relaying the foundation of character development.

Music plays such a big role in the Fifty Shades novels. In chapter two of Fifty Shades Darker, we get a glimpse of a playlist that Christian Grey makes for Anastasia Steele. I did my best to put together a playlist of all songs from the novel previously, so here’s my attempt at jotting down all the song list of Anastasia’s “mix tape” in 50 Shades Darker:

1. Spem In Alium by Thomas Tallis

2. Transcription by Bach (Marcello)

3. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley *

4. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol **

5. Principals of Lust by Enigma

6. Possession by Sarah McLachlan

7. Try by Nelly Furtardo

8. The Scientist by Coldplay

9. Every Breath You Take by The Police

10. Hand on Your Heart by Jose Gonzalez **

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*Jeff Buckley died in 1997, but this song was his most popular in the year 2006 when Fifty Shades Darker takes place.

** While the name of the song is not mentioned, this was the artists’ hit in 2006.

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