What Is The Book Fifty Shades of Grey About?

What Is The Book Fifty Shades of Grey About?

If you don’t know what Fifty Shades of Grey is about you are not alone.

Most people who have not read it think it is full of salacious sex scenes and “Mommy Porn” escapist fantasies. Some think it is a violent escapade of scintillating sadism with a meringue of masochism. The thing is all those who haven’t read it only have it half right. What is the book 50 Shades of Grey about? It is about communication. It is about expectation and compromise. At the core of 50 Shades you have a story about a relationship. But if someone were to ask you, “What is Fifty Shades of Grey?,” it isn’t sexy to say, “Well, it’s about two flawed people looking to heal.” It is much sexier to say, “Girrrrlll…It is about kinky sex and I can’t stop reading it!!”.

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Recently my Mom came to visit me in New York City. She is what most would consider a “cool” Mom. When I was a kid she let me watch Thelma and Louise, stay up way to late, and never asked where I had been because she trusted my instinct and intuition. Sex too was never a taboo subject and I am lucky to have a Mom who empowered me with education and honesty. So on my Mom’s recent trip to see me I had a big dinner with all my girlfriends. It happened to be the day after Fifty Shades of Grey premiered at the box office. All my girls were talking about it. How hot Jamie Dornan was as Christian Grey, arguments of whether or not the film lived up to the book, speculation of what Fifty Shades Darker would be like, and lastly the reactions of their boyfriends who hadn’t read the book and didn’t know what they were getting into by accompanying their ladies to the movie on Valentine’s Day. Finally my Mom piped in, “What is Fifty Shades of Grey about?” She was genuinely interested and so my friends attacked her with explanations on what they thought this story was all about. It was a very entertaining conversation. There were so many different takes. Laura thought it was about power exchange, Monica insisted it was a misogynistic fantasy that was not tasteful (although she read all three and could not wait to see the movie so she could pick it a part). Brandi, probably the smartest of them all, said, “I think it is about boundaries in relationships and the attempt to reconcile who one “was” with who one strives to be with another.” My Mom very telling replied with, “Doesn’t sound like you girls read the same book, but it sounds really interesting!” So, when I got home I gave the first book to my Mom to read. She read the whole thing in one sitting.

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The success of Fifty Shades of Grey can be attributed to it’s appeal to a wide range of ages and walks of life. College aged women, young professional women, and middle aged women can all come away with different appreciations for the narrative of 50 Shades because it talks about a relationship within the context of something all of us can understand: SEX. That’s right! Women have sex, and in all the different stages of life that sex means different things to them. What I have noticed about Fifty Shades of Grey is that women like to talk about it. I think that is a wonderful thing. To be able to dialogue about sex and relationships is an empowering notion. That my Mom who is sixty can talk to my friends who are in their thirties about a piece of pop culture that genuinely has a point of view on sex is both healthy and exciting.

What is Fifty Shades of Grey about?

It is about Anastasia Steele who is a recent college graduate who loves literature, is beautiful and doesn’t know it, and has never had sex. She goes to Seattle to interview Christian Grey for her roommate because said roomie is sick and can’t make it. Christian Grey is a handsome, rich, young business man who has a predilection for sadism. More to the point, he is a dominant who has never been in a real relationship but likes sex. He has sexual routines and habits that the submissives he has sex with must sign a contract or waver in order to be allowed into his “red room of pain”. Anyway, Christian Grey is to give the commencement speech at the college graduation, so that is why she is interviewing him. He is struck by Ana because frankly she is mousey, naturally submissive, and looks like his mom…The same mom that we later find out was a crack whore and whose pimp used to put cigarettes out on the chest of the child Christian. Serious mommy issues to work out. Anastasia has her own mommy issues, and daddy issues for that matter. Mom lives in Georgia and is totally wrapped up in her own life, dad is dead, so her step father has been the one to raise her. After their meeting they begin a love affair. Both of them negotiating terms and learning about the other. Anastasia falls hard for Christian. Christian is falling for her, but can’t be touched and needs to be in control. At the end of the book she leaves him. He goes too far in the “red room” and she tells him it is over. And thus is the cliff hanger for book 2, Fifty Shades Darker. The phrase Fifty Shades refers to being fifty shades of f#%ked up.

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When my Mom finished Fifty Shades of Grey I asked her what she thought about it. She said, “I am really happy you and your friends are talking about this book. It took me many years to be able to talk about what I wanted in relationships and here is a story about just that. I think it is remarkable that young women are having this conversation.” I said, “Yeah, but did YOU like it?” “Oh yes honey, I intend on reading all three books! Don’t tell me what happens!”.

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